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This Week on “Dinner Classics” with Cocktail Maestro Norm Owen: Gin & Tonic Pairings

Station Blog2019-6-14By: Classical Staff

This week on Dinner Classics, Cocktail Maestro Norm Owen takes us beyond the basic Gin & Tonic…

The world is overflowing with fantastic gins of all sorts, and the list just keeps growing. Each gin uses different botanicals to create unique flavour profiles, which are enhanced when you match them with the right garnish. So throw away those lime wedges (well, most of them), and try these surprising pairings – you may never look back!

Norm’s G&T pairings:

Garnish: orange and lemon slices (optional: add a drop of orange water)

Bombay Sapphire
Garnish: Honeydew melon, OR a big slice of orange & 0.75oz of cold brew coffee (seriously)

Garnish: match with Fever Tree’s Elderflower tonic, garnish with cucumber, lime wheels, mint and juniper berries

Gin Mare
Garnish: match with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean tonic, garnish with a rosemary sprig, cracked black pepper, and a dash of good quality olive oil

Garnish: halved grapes (muscat if possible), fresh bay leaves, and a slice of mango


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