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This Week on “Dinner Classics” with Cocktail Maestro Norm Owen: Bar Tools 101

Station Blog2019-7-5By: Classical Staff

This week, Cocktail Maestro Norm Owen walks us through the tools we need to build a basic bar!

For all of the items below, look for good quality. You don’t need to go as far as the versions that are show pieces, but stay away from the cheap stuff. You’ll be glad you did.

Boston Shaker (two sturdy metal tins that fit one inside the other) – for drinks that need to be shaken, not stirred

Mixing glass, also known as “Yarai”—for drinks that need to be stirred, not shaken

Jigger – for measuring. Norm likes them with 1oz on one end and 2oz on the other

Muddler – no need to be fancy here, even a sanded piece of dowel will do!

A bar spoon – look for a twisted stem and a small spoon

Hawthorne strainer – for pouring, to keep the ice out

Fine strainer – when pouring cocktails with citrus juice, to keep the pulp out

Potato peeler – for your garnishes


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