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When Superman’s Love Theme in music and pictures align …

When Superman’s Love Theme in music and pictures align … featured image

January 9, 2020

An unusual coincidence happened to me yesterday morning when I logged on to my computer at work, opened up my usual windows (email, our station’s livestream, social media channels I regularly post to, etc.). Classical Mornings co-host Mike Duncan just started playing the Love Theme from the Superman movies, composed by John Williams, at the exact moment I opened my Instagram and saw the picture above. It was so weird, the perfection of the timing. I contacted Alex, the person who posted it, asking for permission to write about it at work. “Of course!” he quickly replied. Alex and I were colleagues years ago at the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and he is a follower of @Classicalfm on Instagram and @classical963fm on Twitter.

I was super excited to see these pictures, and flashbacked to seeing Superman in the movie theatre when I was a kid. Here’s an edited caption from Alex’s post:

“I met my LA cousin for the first time when Superman was a big deal. She was pals with Christopher Reeve! When she came to visit us my cousin brought me photos that she’d taken on set during the filming of Superman 1. Not sure if you’ll be able to see the cables that are holding up Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder.”

It’s such a romantic scene in the film, and funny too, thanks to Margot Kidder’s performance. Here’s the sound clip to go with the images I came across on Instagram. Thank you, Alex!


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