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Need help with studying? Tafelmusik to the rescue.

Need help with studying? Tafelmusik to the rescue. featured image

March 20, 2020

Final exams loom for April for college and university students; highschoolers at least have a few weeks more to go. Recognizing the need for a playlist to study by, Tafelmuski’s Music Director Emerita Jeanne Lamon curated a collection of music specifically for studying. Here’s what she says about this musical collection:
“Music from the baroque and classical eras is intrinsically well suited to studying. Its harmonies, melodies, and rhythms are ordered and pleasing. I feel certain that this music is “good for the brain.’ It is both stimulating and calming. It encourages focus. Whether fast or slow, it works well as either background or foreground music. I have looked for tracks that flow well, but that are not dramatically shocking. It is all wonderful music which will hopefully inspire great and productive study!”

“Baroque for the Brain” is Tafelmusik’s first digital-only release, and is available on digital platforms today. For details and to view the information booklet, please visit here.


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