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The Holy Gasp frontman Benjamin Hackman Presents a Performance of “Grief”

The Holy Gasp frontman Benjamin Hackman Presents a Performance of “Grief” featured image

For the last decade, the musical group The Holy Gasp has made music for fans of theatrical, darkly comical, genre‑defiant entertainment, with instrumentation and personnel that changes regularly to meet the needs and vision of each new project. The group seeks to find the intersections between music, literature, and performance art.

On July 1st, The Holy Gasp will congregate at the Kiever Synagogue in Kensington Market for a live stream performance of Grief. It will be performed from sunset to sunrise without break, and is intended as a communal mourning ritual for those who have lost a loved one.

The concept and execution of Grief has been in the works for over two years by The Holy Gasp frontman Benjamin Hackman. Originally, it was planned as an outdoor performance with a 30-person choir, but the concert has been scaled back due to the pandemic. It will be conducted by Maestro Pratik Gandhi, an d the choral work will feature 10 vocalists, 2 pianists, and percussion.

Joining me on the phone is the frontman for this evolving performing arts group, Benjamin Hackman joined Mark Wigmore (via phone) on The Oasis.

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