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Now that Zoomers are aging, every aspect of the process is changing. That’s why CARP, Canada’s largest association for the 50 plus is re-dedicating itself to serving this demographic. Members can get everything from enhanced discounts on health, travel and insurance as well as a strong voice lobbying for their interests with the government.
David Cravit is VP of Marketing:

“the goal there is to enable the members, and potential members, to have the kind of information they need to operate more effectively in today’s world, whether its saving money, whether its starting a new career, navigating the public health system. CARP is a very strong advocate of public health care, and its precisely for that reason that we want to highlight where its not working and why its not working, and come up with innovative new solutions.”

There’s new blood at CARP, and he also owns this station.

“Moses Znaimer’s going to be on the board of CARP, and he’s also going to be the majority owner of the media company,, but I think what’s really interesting is the degree to which he understands this market, and the stamp that he’s going to put on it is that Hey, lets remember that this is an active, dynamic, exciting group of people; this is a group of people that are moving on and doing much, much with their lives.”

The goal is to make CARP more than an organization, its to build a community.

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