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Here’s a holiday gift idea designed to lighten our footprint on the planet. A number of companies sell carbon offset credits for everyday living. Bryce Conacher of CleanAirPass explains how they work.

“When you buy an offset, you are paying someone else to reduce your emissions for you, so for instance, a car produces about 5 tonnes, 5 metric tonnes, of carbon emissions that contribute to Global Warming. What we do is we source a 5 tonne reduction from a project that is designed to reduce greenhouse gases.”

It’ll cost $75 to neutralize those car emissions but offsetting a home is under $20. The market for these credits is more advanced in Europe because businesses have to buy them to comply with the Kyoto accord. Here in North America, it’s voluntary, and as with anything else the buyer should beware.

“If they want to do some research to focus on whats called Verification, to ensure that the projects that the carbon credits that they’re buying are coming from a verified source.”

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