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Do you help care for an aging relative? Many of us do. According to a poll done for the Bank of Montreal, one third of Canadian baby boomers are caregivers, and more than a third of those who are not – at the moment – expect to be doing this in the future. This responsibility means less time for yourself and time off work, and there’s often a larger financial impact. Dr. Amy D’Aprix is a gerontologist who helps clients find the best care for their elders, through her company Best in Care:

“Planning is really key, looking at bringing families together to say ‘who’s going to do what, if something does happen?’ Its hard to do it once you’re already in the situation, so its important to look at it ahead of time.”

Once it happens, you’ll need a lot of other information, quickly.

“They then need to find services, they need emotional support to get them through, and they need a way to finance all that. So caregivers are looking for all of that, and its not easy to find the services. There are good starting points, one of the best starting points is the Community Care Access Centres in Ontario.”

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