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It’s one of the few iconic Canadian things, it’s renowned around the world and it’s delightful to drink. Icewine. In his new book, Icewine: Extreme Winemaking, Inniskillen founder Donald Ziraldo tells the story of how he and his partners revived an 18th century German winemaking technique and turned icewine into an international luxury brand.

“Canada and Ice Wine, there’s a psychological game there, and you know Wayne Gretzky and hockey, everybody buys it — Ice Wine and Canada, they buy it — so when you say to people ‘we grow grapes’, they go ‘you grow grapes in Canada? Where?’, but when you say to people ‘we make Ice Wine’, they go ‘oh, of course Ice Wine, Canada’ — so it has that trick, you know, it does work.”

The book includes recipes to show that this is not just a dessert wine, and if you buy Ice Wine here at home, it’s a deal.

“Well, you know, its $50-60 here, on average — around the world it’ll go $150-200, you know, upwards of that, and if you buy it in an Ice Wine Martini, it’ll cost you $50 for one in a fancy bar in LA like the skybar.”

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