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Green Christmas, pt. 2

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Last week,  I gave you the first installment on how to have a green Christmas. The best way to start is with energy-saving LED lights, and a potted tree that can be replanted in the spring. Now it’s time to turn to the decorations. Marion Heintzman created the eco-friendly Christmas display for the Sustainable Condo at Exhibition Place.

“Try not to buy things that are made out of plastic, or that are resin-coated, things that have been sprayed with some kind of a coating to make it look like sugar. Perhaps also flocking, flocking is really – in terms of environmental issues – is terrible, not only for the environment but for the people who work with the materials.”

The very best thing is to get your inspiration from the backyard and the fridge instead of the store.

It could be cedar from your backyard – look in your fridge: great, wonderful, crisp red apples, chestnuts, pomegranates – we’re returning to a traditional sense of decor in terms of Holiday…what our Grandparents and Parents might have practiced.

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