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Spring Cleaning in January

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If you’re like me, your toughest new year’s resolution is about clearing clutter and getting a head start on spring cleaning.  Here’s a mini to-do list that will put you in much better shape when the weather gets warm.

  • Go through all your magazines and books and donate them to schools, libraries or care facilities.  No takers? Recycle, or put books into the “free” bin at your local used book store.
  • Cruise your house, basement and garage and make a list of items that need repair. Then schedule a day to research the best repair supplier, gather the items and deliver them or arrange a pickup. Imagine how good you’ll feel come spring when everything actually works.
  • Finally, Target some particular spots in your home for a good midwinter cleaning. Because the heat is on this time of the year, dust and dirt can collect on heating vents, ceiling fans and tops of cabinets. Doing a quick clean of those areas now will cut the job in half come spring — and will help you breathe easier.  Get out the vacuum and tackle all of the upholstered furnishings with a deep cleaning. You’ll be amazed and appalled at what you can suck up.

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