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If you’re trying to lighten your footprint  on the planet, here are some eco-friendly tips that will help both the environment – and your wallet.

Make sure you use efficient lightbulbs. Compact Flourescent Lights (CFLs)  last ten times longer than incandescents, and use 75 per cent less energy. That should save about $50 a year.

Control your water flow. The average daily use is 329 litres per person. Installing a water efficient aerator in your bath faucet can reduce this by 30 per cent. And by switching from a bath to a shower, you save even more.
Cut back on plastic water bottles. A more environmentally friendly alternative is to use washable serving wear.

During cooler months, keep your blinds or draperies open during the day to let in natural solar heat. This  can reduce your heating bills by 10 per cent. During the summer, blocking out sunlight with exterior blinds or shutters  can also cut your bill by up to 33 per cent.

Have your furnace checked yearly and have it tuned every two years. Proper  maintenance will save about 10 per cent on your heating bills. And turn it down a degree –that’ll reduce  your utility bill by another 5 per cent.

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