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Financial Basics, Pt. 1

It’s a new year – here are some tips to simplify your life by cutting out those needless extra expenses and saving money you don’t need to spend.

Pay in cash – this means you will always know exactly how much money you have. With credit cards, debt can add up quickly and you may not pay them off as fast as you would like to. When you pay in cash, it’s also a great feeling because you know it’s done and paid for and you won’t have any bills piling up.

Don’t get someone else to do it for you – stop paying extra to get things done for you when you can do them yourself. Instead of automatically taking your shirts to the dry cleaners, wash them by hand and hang them to dry.

Eat out less – Make homemade meals. You can also take your leftovers to work or have them the next day for dinner.

Shop with a purpose – Whether you’re grocery shopping or attending to other errands, go with a list. That’ll help you  resist impulse items. Try to avoid shopping when you’re hungry.

Get some fresh air – Walking is good for you, and it’s cheaper than driving. And if you do drive,  keep your car longer.  If you maintain the car you have now, you may be able to put off buying a new one for quite awhile. I’ll have more ideas for getting back to the financial basics next week.

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