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Conserving in the Kitchen, part 2

Here’s the second installment of tips on how to save energy in the kitchen. Your microwave is far more efficient than your regular oven. Use it  instead of your oven or stove-top when you’re  reheating leftovers.

To keep it operating optimally, make sure inside surfaces stay clean.  But try to defrost your food in the fridge rather than in the microwave.

Slow cookers – or crock pots – also save energy.  Cooking in one for seven hours uses about a third of the energy of cooking in an oven for one hour. They’re great for smaller meals, or when you want dinner ready as soon as you get home.

You may also want to consider a toaster oven. It uses a third to half the energy of a conventional electric oven.

Finally, replace that whistling kettle with an electric one. It’ll use one-third less energy.

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