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Wildlife Friendly Garden

Gardening season is here,  and you can have  fun attracting birds, butterflies,and hummingbirds  to your garden and watching them. It’s a great hobby and  a great stress reliever.
To make your yard  wildlife-friendly, it has to  meet their four main needs  — food, water, shelter, and space.

For food, consider plants that provide seeds, berries, nectar, nuts, fruits, sap, or pollen. You might  also have several feeder types for birds and butterflies.

You can provide a clean source of water from birdbaths,  a seasonal pond, or a water garden. Just remember that standing water can also be a risk for West Nile virus.Wildlife need cover, so think about  a wooded area,  ground covers, or rock piles. Try to have at least some evergreen trees and shrubs along with those that lose their leaves in winter. Add some vines, wildflowers, ferns,grasses and grass-like plants, and aquatic plants if you have a water feature. Plants that are native to your region are best.

The other key question is how you maintain your garden. Green earth-friendly gardening practices are best for the environment  your wildlife.

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