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Are you stressed by constant visitors at your cottage? Here are some tips from the 50Plus website on how to manage cottage traffic.

Sometimes friends and family can unwittingly give the impression that you owe them a retreat. Remember that this is your cottage and you do have the right to decide who will visit, and when.
If you find yourself booked solid with family and friends visiting you and missing the quieter experience, block out some special times that are off limits to visitors – every year. This way you’ll only have to say no for that time once.

Let your guests know what to expect. Tell them if they should bring anything like bottled water. And also let them know what you usually enjoy, whether that’s a lot of water sports, daily fishing, or just lounging around. Lay in  supplies like games,  books, and craft supplies for rainy days. Extra towels and an extra clothes line can also be a big help.

Make cottage rules clear to everyone by printing up signs and posting them in logical locations. Guests may not be aware of all the little quirks of your local plumbing, or the way the boathouse is organized, and even if you tell them when they arrive they may not be able to absorb all the information at once. Having things written out clearly can help a lot.

It can also help a lot to get everyone involved in chores. Tell your guests if you want them to prepare a meal or do the cleanup after.

And don’t try to make everything perfect. Just relax – because that’s really what a cottage trip is all about.

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