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Girls’ Night and Eating

Girls’ night out can be fun for single and married women alike, but eating with a large group of women friends may influence you to eat more.

According to a study out of McGill University, women eating in groups of women tend to increase the calorie values of the food they choose. Women who eat in smaller groups of women friends, eat somewhat less, and those who eat a meal with a man eat even less.

When women ate with men, they took in about 552 calories, but when eating with another woman, they ate about 665. And those who ate in a group of four women or more averaged about 800 calories.

The researchers found that women cut their food intake as soon as there’s a man in the mix, but the biggest decrease comes in date situations.

The theory is it’s a social signaling thing. In other words, women want to look more attractive, especially if a potential mate is at the table. Other research has found that women who eat less are viewed as more attractive.

For men, it’s a different story. Researchers say neither the number of dining companions nor the group’s gender makes a difference in how much they consume.

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