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It’s a small piece of equipment that can be a godsend for your marriage. At least it can help avoid the familiar front-seat family fight over…directions. You want him to stop and ask at a gas station – he wants you to unfold and read maps even though it makes you carsick. And never mind printing directions from MapQuest.

Bite GPS

Portable GPS devices are more popular than ever. Millions have been sold in North America and marketers expect to sell another 19 million this year in the U.S alone. They rely on global satellites deep in space to guide them. They can come up with the shortest distance or shortest time to your destination. And if you hit a roadblock or miss a turn, they come up with a plan B.

Bite recalculating
There’s no question this tool can save you the stress of getting lost. But there’s still plenty to disagree about.


That English accent. He likes it  – I prefer a North American voice. And the fireworks can still fly when one of us decides we know better than that disembodied guide. But that happens much less often than it used to. You can get a good system for under $200.

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