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If you haven’t changed your passwords lately consider this: It’s no wonder hacking is such a problem given the obvious passwords most of us use.

Database security firm Imperva analysed 32 million passwords that were stolen when the records of a company called Rockyou were breached. It’s the most in-depth analysis of real-world passwords to date.  Here are the top five:

1. 123456 – it was used on 290,000 accounts out of the nearly 33 million

2. 12345

3. 123456789

4. Password

5. iloveyou

According to this study, the top 20 passwords were all equally transparent, using consecutive numbers, adjacent keyboard keys, names and slang words.

When people use the same passwords for more sensitive accounts like online banking, the problem gets even worse. Employees using the same passwords on Facebook that they use in the workplace could possibly compromise their business systems.

Some common sense suggestions: change your passwords often, make them complex  and never store or transmit passwords in the clear.

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