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Fall Colours

Autumn has arrived and that means glorious fall colours. After the great summer we’ve had, David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, says we’re in for a spectacular viewing season which should peak in southern Ontario just after Thanksgiving on Oct. 11.

With lots of sunshine and an ample supply of rain, the conditions of summer have laid the groundwork for an ideal season. Colours are affected by elements, such as daylight hours, elevation and latitude. Colour changes come quickest at higher elevations and the further north you go.

Phillips says the trees are in great shape and showing no distress. If there had been drought, leaves would turn brown and fall early. The warm temperatures all summer have also warmed the Great Lakes, meaning the colour change season will be a little bit delayed this year.

Though the long-range forecast suggests we might see a touch of frost, it won’t be a killing frost that can dampen the displays of fiery red, deep burgundy, orange and burnt sienna. And except for some rain this week, no gale-force winds are on the horizon.

Phillips says everything is working towards making this the most spectacular, technicolor season we’ve seen in a long time. To see the peak viewing times for various parts of the province, log on to Ontario Tourism’s website.

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