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Benefits of Sex

Here’s a way to improve your health while you’re having a lot of fun. Researchers reviewed several decades’ worth of studies on sex and health, for the Journal of Sexual Health. While the underlying reasons might be unclear, here’s a list of health benefits that people who have frequent sex enjoy.

1. A longer life
In a British study, men who had intercourse at least twice a week lived longer than men who had sex less than once a month. And in a North Carolina study, women who reported enjoying sex more lived longer than those who didn’t report enjoyment.

2. A healthier heart
In a British study, people who had sex less than once a month had twice the rates of fatal coronary events, compared with those with the highest frequency of intercourse.

3. Lower blood pressure
The study showing this benefit was in the journal Biological Psychology.

4. Lower risk of breast cancer
A French study found that women who have intercourse infrequently had three times the risk of breast cancer, compared with those who had sex more often.

5. Lower risk of prostate cancer
A Minnesota study found that men who’d had intercourse more than 3,000 times in their lives had half the prostate cancer risk of those who had not.

Other benefits from sex include pain relief, a slimmer physique, better testosterone levels, healthier semen and fewer menopause symptoms.

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