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Tree Planting Tips

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This winter’s terrible ice storm devastated a big part of our tree canopy, and many of us are planning to replace some of what was lost.   Putting the right tree in the right place can reduce your energy consumption, keep your family safe and ensure the tree doesn’t come into contact with nearby power lines. That’s what causes more than 30 per cent of power outages in our area.

 If you are preparing to plant a tree, here are 5 tips from Hydro One.

1. Plant tall-growing trees at least 8 metres away from power lines.

2. Deciduous trees give shade from the summer sun, but lose their leaves in winter to let sunlight enter your home and maximize warmth and light. Place them to the south and the southwest to provide shade from late afternoon/evening sun.

3. A good windbreak includes a mixture of coniferous trees, deciduous shrubs, evergreen shrubs and perennial plants. The right combination planted tightly together can thoroughly shield your home from cold winter gusts. Even a single row of white pine trees can reduce the speed of wind hitting your home by 60 per cent.

4. Low-growing evergreen shrubs planted beside basement walls add a green layer of insulation to your home’s exterior. But be to plant them at least 60 centimeters away from your foundation walls.

5. And of course, Call your utility before you dig to locate underground lines.


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