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Who are the happiest Canadians? According John Hallward, author of The Happiness Equation, that lucky cohort is made up of Zoomers over 60, empty-nesters with no debt, a belief in God — and a strong romance.

The author is a pollster with Ipsos, and he interviewed more than 1000 people.18 per cent said they were really happy, 43 per cent said they were moderately so and 39 per cent said they were unhappy.

He says about 50 per cent of happiness is genetic, depending on your predisposition. Another 25 per cent is environmental — where and how you grow up. That leaves the last 25 per cent to be in play.

What can make us happier?

The more time we spend doing something we’re passionate about the happier we’ll be. It doesn’t matter if it’s work, or a hobby, or helping others. Hallward says debt really makes people unhappy, even the wealthy. But once you’re out of debt, having close friends and spending time with them is more important than money.

Last but not least, he found being in a romantic relationship really made the happiness scale jump.

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