Cheaper Destinations

The tough economy means there’s plenty of opportunity for bargains, whatever you’re in the market for. And if travel is on your to-do list, here are some places that experts say are becoming more affordable because of the situation.

Stuart MacDonald, the man who founded and then went on to start online booking tool, says a vacation in London will now be easier on the wallet. Remember that’s a relative thing — he doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap.

He recommends saving money with strategies you can also use elsewhere — like taking the train or Underground from the airport, and booking your hotel through online sites like

Tony Wheeler, co-founder of the guidebook company Lonely Planet, also has favourite picks for newly affordable playgrounds. He expects Vietnam to become a relative bargain this year because it’s been on a tourist roll for years and suddenly the figures have turned against it. He says Iceland is another hip and very expensive destination that should be coming down to earth because of the severity of the economic meltdown there.

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