Lighten Your Luggage

Vacation season is here and with excess baggage fees and the hassles of travelling, there’s plenty of incentive to lighten your luggage. Here are some tips from the 50 Plus website.

First you need to know about the restrictions on the size, number and weight of your bags. If your trip involves more than one airline, or the bus or train, go with the strictest rules.
Try to find out what’s available where you are staying in terms of beach towels, a hair dryer or an iron.  If you’re taking an extended journey, consider picking up toiletries and personal items at your destination rather than carrying them with you. The weight of liquids and gels alone, not to mention the hassles of airport security, can be a real burden.

Regardless of the length of your trip, you’ll want at least two pairs of shoes and two pairs of bottoms.
How many tops, pyjamas, socks and underwear you need will depend on your preference, activities and whether or not you plan to do laundry.

Make a list and decide what items are “must- haves” like underwear, and medications,  and what are “nice-to-haves”  like dress shoes, and extra shirts . Pick out items that can do “double duty” such as a shirt than can be worn as a day jacket.
Stick to neutral colours for basic pieces like pants and skirts, jackets and sweaters. Add colour in accent pieces like scarves.
A good rule of thumb: If an item doesn’t go with at least two outfits, leave it behind.

You’ll have a much better idea of what you have and what coordinates if you lay it out on the bed or a table first. Start removing items until you’ve got a manageable amount for your suitcase.

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