Wardrobe Rental

Traveling with checked baggage is becoming more of a pain all the time. It means extra waiting time, extra charges if your bags are overweight, and it’s not unusual to land in your destination and find your bags are still at home. A new Toronto company has a solution.

Zero baggage will provide you with a complete temporary wardrobe. As long as your destination is one of the company’s partner cities, you’ll be able travel with nothing but a carry-on and find clothing that you’ve chosen from an online catalogue waiting for you in your hotel room. When your trip is over, just leave the clothes in your room.

The company hopes to partner with both budget hotels and those with five-star ratings and offer clothing at various price points. This type of convenience won’t come cheap though. The cost to rent a new item for a week will be 25 per cent of its retail price, while a used garment will be priced at 15 per cent.
The service is set to launch in spring, 2010, starting with destinations across Europe.

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