Budget Vacation

Are you looking forward to a vacation? It can be the highlight of your year, but it can also cause a lot of stress later if you really can’t afford it. According to Consolidated Credit Counseling Services of Canada the key to getting away on that dream vacation, without putting yourself in debt, is financial planning. Here’s what they recommend:

– Decide what you really want: a trip full of sight-seeing or just some much-needed down time? When you’ve figured that out, you’ll have a better idea of what your options are.

– Set a target goal. Consider how much you want to spend each day on food, activities and lodging. This will help to determine your budget for the entire vacation. Open a vacation savings account and set up small automatic deposits from each paycheque. A little goes a long way! There’s still time to build a nest egg for later in the summer.

– Look online for travel deals and use CAA or other memberships to get bargains on hotels and car rentals.

– If money is tight, look for a rental space with a kitchen to save money on food, or consider staying at a hostel.

– Lower your expectations: remember that you can have fun on vacation whether you are in a 5-star hotel or a 3-star motel. Find free attractions, search for the best cheap eats which often come with some local flavour! Have fun.

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