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Campbell House Expansion Wish List

Campbell House Expansion Wish List featured image


Since Campbell House opened it’s caring doors for Palliative Care in 2014, their Professional Staff and Volunteer Team have supported over 345 patients, their families and caregivers. 1 Full Day of patient care is $270.00. There is no cost to patient’s, Campbell House relies on donations. Their exciting new expansion is underway! The walls are up and the roof is now on.

ch-expansion-2016Bryan Davies Photography

(Staff, Volunteers and Supporters of Hospice Georgian Triangle gather to announce the official expansion of Campbell House)

They give a Gift to families with precious moments and now this Holiday Season the Community can Give a Gift by donating to help furnish and equip the addition. They need everything from Bath Towels, Blankets, Bathtub Lifts to a DVD Player or clock. The giving is underway and The Wish List is on their website.


For more information go to Hospice Georgian Triangle

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