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The Collingwood G & M Hospital Tree Of Life Campaign

The Collingwood G & M Hospital Tree Of Life Campaign featured image



Norm’s wife Marg thought her husband was a bit accident prone after 2 trips to the Collingwood Hospital with a bad skiing accident and a slip and fall while taking out their garbage. One weekend during their commute north Norm wasn’t feeling well and they went again to The Collingwood G & M Hospital.


Norm was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and since made a full recovery. He experienced such compassion and surgical care in caring surgeons hands close to home.


The Annual Tree Of Life Campaign aims to raise $600,000 of a 1.5 million dollar fund for new surgical equipment and programs.



Norm and Marg encourage the Community to help put the best tools in the hands of The Collingwood G & M Hospital’s Surgeons.

To donate to the Tree Of Life Campaign go to Collingwood Hospital


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