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“Stille Nachte”…A Christmas Poem Set To Music Almost 200 Years Ago

“Stille Nachte”…A Christmas Poem Set To Music Almost 200 Years Ago featured image

December 23rd 1818, Father Joseph Mohr looked down from a hilltop on the peaceful snow-covered village of Oberndorf in Austria. The majestic silence brought thoughts of “Stille Nacht” a christmas poem he had written 2 years before about the night when angels announced the birth of the long awaited Messiah to shepherds on a hillside. If his friend organist Franz Gruber could create a melody he thought then they could perform it at the Christmas Eve service of his beloved St. Nicolas Church the following evening. Gruber met the challenge and on Christmas Eve December 24 1818 the little Oberndorf congregation heard “Stille Nacht” which was sung by Mohr with Gruber on Guitar with the church choir.

1863 “Stille Nacht”was translated into “Silent Night” and enjoyed to this day around the world at every year at the Holidays!

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