Age Discrimination

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I recently heard from a woman who describes herself as 62 going on 40, with a wealth of management experience. She’s been out of a job for a short time, and only responds to ads asking for her skills. So far, she hasn’t even had a nibble. She’s wondering if it could be age discrimination — so I called employment lawyer Howard Levitt.

“We have about the lowest unemployment in Canadian history, and yet she can’t find jobs on very, very targeted interviews for jobs that she’s guild and has done before, it makes no sense except in the context of something like age discrimination.”

This woman isn’t putting her age on her resume, but she’s probably giving it away by listing 30 or more years of experience. Levitt suggests cutting that back.

“Well go back the last 15 or 20 years only. Maybe the last 10 years. You certainly don’t want to talk away your early jobs that aren’t relevant anyway.”

These attitudes will probably change as Zoomers change the meaning of aging. But in the mean time, its illegal for a prospective employer to ask your age, or anything that could suggest it, like the year you graduated from college.

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