Public Speaking Tips

For most people it’s the number one fear. Not death or illness…but speaking in public. It makes their hearts race, their hands shake and their mouths go dry. Here are some tips to make your presentations go smoothly:

Be prepared – give yourself ample time to become comfortable with your material. You don’t need to memorize every single sentence, but be sure you know your stuff and have a hard copy on hand as a prompt.

Always have a contingency plan should any problem arise. You don’t want to find that your Power Point doesn’t work and you can’t find your cue cards.

Find out  exactly where you’ll be speaking, whether it’s a Board room or  Auditorium.  Find out where you will stand and whether there’s a podium or not. You can usually request the set-up that makes you most comfortable.

Make  your delivery  conversational. And practise – in front of a mirror and on tape and video.

Seeing yourself, or hearing yourself will enable you to work on any weaknesses you may have.

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