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Risks of Sitting All day

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Do you sit in your office all day? If so, you should get up and walk around frequently.

A study out of Australia finds that people who sit for extended periods of time without getting up are at higher risk for heart disease than those who take regular breaks to walk around.

The researchers found that people who sat for prolonged periods had larger waists, higher blood pressure, higher levels of bad cholesterol, and less “good” cholesterol.

What’s more, the negative impact of such lengthy bouts of inactivity seems to apply even if you go to the gym regularly. In other words, even if you exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day, what you do for the rest of the day can affect your health, This research suggests that even small changes to your activity levels like standing up regularly or walking down the hall might help to lower cardiovascular risk.

At the extremes, the most sedentary study participants sat a little more than 21 hours a day, while the least sedentary sat just under two hours per day.

Walking breaks can be easily incorporated into your routine. As a matter of fact, I find it’s quicker to get things done if you walk over to a colleague’s desk instead emailing.

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