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Centenarians and Longevity

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Who would know more about the secrets of longevity than Zoomers who’ve reached the age of 100? One hundred centenarians answered a poll on the subject. Topping the list is staying in touch with pop culture and the latest trends such as iPods and text messaging. Being socially active, eating a healthy diet, exercising and getting enough sleep also won’t hurt.

According to the the GfK Roper survey, eight percent of centenarians said they had sent text or instant messages, compared to one percent last year. And 12% are using iPods. Many centenarians said they kept up with popular culture by listening to music or videos through computers, and 11% said they had watched a video on YouTube.
And for better or for worse, they aren’t living in the past. Thirty percent said the recent recession was more severe than the Great Depression, 40% walked or hiked every day, and three quarters ate a healthy diet daily and nearly a third opted for organic foods.

Laughter and prayer were also important, along with staying connected to family and friends. Bottom, the attitude is keep learning, even after your first hundred years.

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