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Coffee and Longer Life

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Here’s a finding to perk you up: Drinking coffee might help you live a little longer, especially if you’re a Zoomer. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s decaf or regular. That’s the conclusion of two studies– based on over 700,000 middle-aged and older adults.

Researchers found that daily coffee drinkers were less likely to die over the next 10 to 16 years, versus non-drinkers. In one study, with one cup a day, people were 12% percent less likely to die, but that rose to 18% for those who imbibe three daily cups of Joe. That pattern was consistent across racial groups and researchers say that bolsters the theory that coffee, itself, might have some beneficial biological effects.

A separate European study found that coffee drinkers had a 40 percent to 59 percent lower risk of dying from digestive disorders, such as liver disease.

However both studies which were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine were accompanied by an editorial saying this was not enough to recommend drinking coffee for health benefits because the link doesn’t add up to a causal effect. And even if coffee does help stave off health problems, it’s not clear why.

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