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Working for Younger Bosses

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Do you work for someone who’s younger? According to a survey by  Torontojobs.Ca,  34% of workers do, and 15% say they work for someone who is at least ten years younger. With that in mind, the job search website has come up with some tips  to Minimize Generational Differences in the Workplace:

Take time to get to know co-workers as individuals rather than stereotyping them by age. If you have a dispute with a colleague of a different age group, try to focus on the technical or the work issue, instead of getting hung up on the generation gap. Avoid thinking that the person holds that view simply because of his or her age.

Generation gaps seem to highlight differences in communication styles and preferences. On the one hand, there are very different levels of experience, on the other, varying levels of comfort with technology. So be open to change and ask questions. Younger workers need to use the older generation as a resource. Older workers must get comfortable with rapidly changing technologies and modes of communication. Be open to the idea that others might excel in different environments, for example, listening to music while working. Everyone has different preferences.

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