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Green Christmas

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If you’d like to cut down on your holiday ecological footprint, here are some tips for a Green Christmas from Seventh Generation, a manufacturer of plant-based cleansers.

Save time, conserve fuel, and prevent pollution by making just one or two big shopping trips instead of multiple small ones. You can also cut down by shopping online, which will also save time.

Get a real tree. These days, almost all Christmas trees come from tree farms not forests and can be composted or mulched in January. Artificial trees are made with petroleum, use up energy in transport, and end up in landfills.

Keep a lid on your lighting  and use LEDs. Powering 10 typical strands of mini-lights eight hours a day costs an average of $9.25 a month. Use LED lights, and you’ll save 90% of that energy and expense,   Put outdoor lights on a timer.

Candles are also really important. Use emission-free soy wax candles – if you can’t find them beeswax is also better than regular paraffin candles.

Recycle ribbon and wrapping paper by opening gifts carefully and saving some items for next year.

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