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Healthy Holiday Shopping

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We all know how hectic it can get preparing for the holiday. Here are The Ontario Kinesiology Association’s tips for healthy holiday shopping:

Dress for comfort

•Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move easily so you can increase your stride and heart rate.

•Consider shoes that have proper treads to reduce the risk of slipping on ice or wet floors and allow you to walk faster and more comfortably.

•Try to carry smaller bags; the weight of your purchases can add up quickly.

•Try to carry bags on both sides to maintain balance. Awkward, one-sided carrying can result in a sore back or a slip and fall.

Here’s a tough on – pack your patience

•when waiting for parking spaces or in long lines.

•Take a parking spot farther from your destination and walk the extra distance.

•While waiting in line-ups, practise posture exercises for your stomach, back and bottom muscles.

•If you are shopping with company, share the loads. Help your shopping mate and they can help you.

Plan your experience

•Know where you want to go and buy the heaviest and awkward gifts last.

•Consider getting a locker or taking your packages back to the trunk of your car regularly as a way to increase your exercise and reduce your carrying load.

•Don’t forget to plan breaks and lunch times.

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