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Holiday Injuries

Zoomer Report2019-12-7By: Libby Znaimer

It can happen when they’re hanging Christmas lights or decorating the top of a tall tree. According to the BC-based organization, Community Against Preventable Injuries, men over 50 are more like than any other demographic to suffer a preventable injury around the holidays.

Have you ever heard the line, “I’ve done this a thousand time before”? Apparently it’s all that experience that makes Zoomer guys blasé about taking risks around the house. The group says a number of other factors also contribute over the holidays, for instance, people tend to rush through their tasks because there’s much more to do, and they take an optimistic approach to risk taking because of the festive mood. Men on ladders are more likely to lean over and extend their reach, while hanging lights, in order to get it done a little quicker. It may take a bit more time but the recommendation is to come down and move the ladder before continuing the job.

Remember, in BC alone, 700 people a year are hospitalized for falling off ladders and many of those injuries occur around Christmas.


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