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Talk Therapy for Insomnia

Zoomer Report2020-2-18By: Libby Znaimer

It’s practically an epidemic and it can really interfere with your life! Insomnia is notoriously difficult to deal with. But after reviewing a total of 20 studies, researchers say Non-drug talk therapy can help adults who lie awake in bed most nights.

They came to the conclusion that instead of taking pills, insomniacs could benefit from techniques associated with cognitive behavior therapy.

The essential elements are aimed at reducing anxiety and negative thoughts about sleeplessness, as well as relaxation techniques to minimize muscle tension and mental distractions.

Before the treatment, the average time to get to sleep was just under an hour. The researchers found that after engaging in the sleep-enhancing practice, people fell asleep 20 minutes sooner, on average, and slept 30 minutes more each night.

Up to 15 percent of adults worldwide regularly have sleep difficulties, which can lead to anxiety, depression and even type 2 diabetes.The study is published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


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