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Work Stress and Life Expectancy

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Do you ever complain that your job killing you? Turns out, it could be. According to a study from researchers at Harvard and Stanford, workplace stress could shorten your life by up to three years depending on your race, gender and educational level.

The data show that people with less education are much more likely to end up in jobs with more unhealthy workplace practices that cut life span, and people with the highest educational attainment are less affected by workplace stress.

Some of the categories that the researchers studied took a bigger toll than others. Across all groups, some of the biggest factors were unemployment and layoffs, low job control, as well as job insecurity for men and shift work for women. Overall women generally fared better than their male counterparts. The study was done in the U.S. and found that a lack of health insurance exerted the biggest influence, but that would not apply here in Canada.

The study is published in Health Affairs.

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