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Why Alcohol Makes Us Fat

Zoomer Report2020-9-2By: Libby Znaimer

Here’s some insight into why drinking alcohol can make us fat – and cause those beer bellies many men are prone to. A study from the U.S. national Institute on Alcohol Abuse finds that we eat more and make more unhealthy choices when we drink.

Researchers found men consumed more than 400 extra calories on days they drank moderately, and only 60% of those calories were from the booze.  They also ate more saturated fats and meat, and less fruit and milk, than on days when they didn’t drink.

Women fared somewhat better, eating an extra 300 calories.  It makes sense – if you’re out for a beer you’re likely to have some beer snacks which are not usually health food.  not to mention that alcohol reduces restraint.

The Wall Street Journal reports these findings dovetail with studies  which showed  participants generally eat more food after drinking. But does it add up to weight gain? That depends on many factots like your metabolism and whether you cut back on days when you don’t drink.


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