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Station Blog2017-9-8By: Marilyn Lightstone

“Find something you love to do,” I’m told, “and you’ll never have to work a day in your life…”

I don’t believe I heard this phrase until late in my life, but – now that I think of it – I’ve been privileged to do that all through my life.

I always wanted to work in the Arts, be it performing; writing, or painting, and, somehow, managed to convince folks that I should be allowed to do so!
There was a time when I found myself feeling somewhat guilty. My work gave me so much pleasure and satisfaction. There’s so much suffering in the world; why wasn’t I out there healing the sick and feeding the poor?
A long time ago, I confessed this to a woman who I respected greatly; she was twenty year my senior and a Holocaust survivor.

“What do I actually DO?” I asked her. “What do I MAKE?”

And her reply to me was:

“You make people laugh,” she said. “You make people cry…”

So there you have it-: sentenced to a life of doing all the things I love best; though I suppose everything could come under ‘Painting.’

In the visual arts, we use brushes to create an image on canvas. In writing a novel (‘Rogues and Vagabonds’, available on Amazon) the Written word is the brush; and in Radio it’s the spoken word; trying to make every word count: to communicate an emotion; an idea…

I’ve always loved reading aloud. I was the kid who, when the teacher asked someone to read something to the class, was the first to raise my hand. So, how fortuitous is it that I should have the opportunity to host a show like Nocturne, where the music we play has been written and performed by the Greatest of the Great, and where I not only get to read my favourite poems, but I have the added pleasure of introducing the form to people who never before thought they might actually enjoy it!

And what – you might ask – is the most unexpectedly rewarding aspect of hosting ‘Nocturne?’
The answer is easy. My listeners…

As I have said on the programme; if you write me, I will always write you back. It might take me a while – even a great while – but I will write back. And I have had some WONDERFUL letters! Letters that have moved and intrigued me. A very devout couple who send me blessings; how good is that? People who have written to say how our music has helped them through sad and painful times; ill health; pain, both physical and emotional; losing a loved one.
And then there are what I think of as “The Happy Letters;” a couple who would like suggestions about what music they should play at their wedding. Young couples who have just had a child and want to introduce their little one to Classical music.

I could go on and on…
Thank you for allowing me into your hearts and your homes. It is truly a great privilege…

Oh; and just before I close, may I tell you about something else – something new – that is close to my heart?
On November 3rd at 8:30pm, a new show (written, produced and hosted by yours truly) will be premiered on Vision TV. It’s called “Your All-time Classic Hit Parade” and it features many of the songs I loved in my youth.

Health and Happiness….




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