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The New Classical FM Pet of the Week: Ainsley the 7-year-old male cat

Station Blog2018-3-26By: Classical Staff

Enter a world of pure love and joy. A world of cuddles, cashmere, and cocoa beans. A world of snuggies and hot chocolate. Enter the world of Ainsley.

Ainsley is a 4-legged hug, a furry purr machine who loves and trusts everyone he meets. He’s a fan of wand toys, treats, and naps. But none of that compares to his love for laps. That’s saying a lot, cause he REALLY loves naps. Like, he’s napping all the time. He’s probably napping right now. But if your lap features belly rubs and neck scratches? He’ll abandon that sleepy ship for a first class ticket to lap central! That’s serious lap love.

We must warn you, however, that spending time with Ainsley has some side effects. You may notice that you’ll lose track of time, getting lost in his gentle, trusting nature. You may become less social as you take up “cat brushing” as a serious hobby. You may start wearing snuggies out in public in an effort to bring Ainsley’s essence with you wherever you go. Just a warning!

If you’re interested in meeting Ainsley, or want to know more about him, please contact us at [email protected].


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