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Healthy Aging over 90

Zoomer Report2018-8-21By: Classical Staff

Here are some interesting findings from researchers trying to tease out the secrets to a long and healthy life. A study in the journal Age and Ageing finds that women whose mothers set that example have a good chance of doing the same. The long-term follow-up of 22,000 older women found that those whose mothers had lived to age 90 were 25 percent more likely to reach that milestone without suffering serious health issues, such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and hip fractures. There was an added advantage if both parents thrived into their ninth decades.

That’s not really a surprise, but the team from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine,  found no increase in daughters’ longevity or health if only their father lived to 90 or beyond.

That’s why the researchers don’t believe it’s just a matter of genetics. Longevity may also be influenced by the environment and behaviours passed from parent to child. They say this work underscores the importance of passing healthy lifestyle choices from generation to generation.


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