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Yogurt for Stronger Bones

Zoomer Report2020-7-18By: Libby Znaimer

Do you eat yogurt every day? Some research out of Ireland shows that it’s a good idea, especially if you are a Zoomer. Researchers tracked the diet and lifestyle of more than 4000 people over 60. They then measured bone density and joint deterioration, and tested participants’ physical ability.

After adjusting for age and factors like exercise and smoking, they found that people who ate yogurt daily had a 3 percent to 4 percent increase in bone mineral density. Eating yogurt daily was also associated with a 39 percent lower risk of osteoporosis in women and a 52 percent lower risk in men. In addition, The yogurt eaters performed better on physical fitness tests.

The bottom line according to the researchers: yogurt is a good source of micronutrients, vitamins, calcium, protein and probiotics – while other dairy products do not have the same effect. The work is published in Osteoperosis International.


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