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Dean Hollin

OK, so let’s cut to the chase — Dean’s greatest love affairs – his life-dominating passions – are as follows: music (especially partial towards vinyl), the radio biz, his decades working as a professional live entertainer, the Great American Songbook, his wife Gayle and the four children they’ve created. He also has great affection for spending time in the kitchen…in the garden…he loves a straight-razor shave…and wearing shorts – and drinks his coffee black.

Dean hosts Breakfast Classics every Saturday and Sunday morning from 5-10am, and also fills in for Daniel Vnukowski on Classical Jukebox.


For more info on Dean, as well his comings and goings, go to:


Instagram: @deanhollin

Twitter: @dean_hollin

Facebook: facebook.com/deanhollin

Email: [email protected]

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