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Mark Wigmore

Mark Wigmore has spent his 25 years in broadcasting celebrating arts & culture. It has been his great privilege to be a bridge between artistry and the listening audience.  As the host of “The Oasis” on The New Classical FM he offers musical insight and a keen sense of the city’s arts scene, all while reveling in the opportunity to play the most beautiful music in the world to people who love the repertoire as much as he does.
His enthusiasm for the arts can also be heard on his Zoomer Media podcast, Art at the End of the World, which features long-form conversations with a who’s who of the Canadian arts scene. Outside of the studio, Mark is an avid documentary film fan, a daring food lover, and a long time associate with Big Brother Big Sisters Toronto.
You can reach Mark with ideas, requests for The Beautiful Moment, and any other comments at [email protected]
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